Lying in the cultural shadow of Logan Square and Wicker Park, Avondale holds its own when it comes to being a unique place to live. With an emerging art scene, robust music presence, and great local food options, the neighborhood always provides something extra special.

Snuggled between the Kennedy Expressway and Milwaukee Avenue, the Avondale neighborhood is full of diagonal streets lined with trees, single family homes, traditional three-flats and small businesses. It is perfectly situated- a little neighborhood off the main drag, but not too far away.

Avondale was named after the Avondale Ranch, when the small township looked more like the Wild West than a Midwestern outpost. Now it is a portrait of community, having been labelled as one of Chicago’s best kept secrets.

Here’s a quick guide to the food, the music, and the particulars!



  • Joong Boo
    A Korean market that offers produce, kitchen gadgets, and a good fish selection.
  • Beer Temple
    Buy brews or try a few at their small tap room- you’ll always find something new!
  • Bucket O’ Blood Books & Records
    Manga, Music, Games, Comics. This is a fun shop.
  • The Horror House
    All the merch from your favorite horror movies- slashers, gore and more!
  • The Alley
    This Chicago staple of off-beat and counter-culture moved here from Lakeview!


  • Sleeping Village
    This impressive venue features a variety of acts and a great bar!
  • LiveWire
    Known for metal and post-punk, keep an eye out for the Patrick Swayze shrine.
  • Alice’s Lounge
    This late night dive bar offers karaoke almost every night.
  • Avondale Music Hall
    Hip hop, World Music, Alternative. Every night is a surprise here!
  • Reed’s Local
    This local dive has everything from tarot readings to local singer-songwriters.

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