Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park

Chicago Park District’s “Crown Jewel” is Humboldt Park- this lovely acreage of green riding along the parkway-ed boulevards. Brownstone houses, small 2-3 flat buildings, and historic worker’s cottages surround the park that features a beach, lagoon, historic field houses, and tons of trails.

This great neighborhood is accessible by trains, buses, and automobiles- about a mile from the Kennedy and just off North Ave. (Rt. 64). Not far from Wicker Park, Logan Square, and West Town, Humboldt Park is a vital extension of these fun neighborhoods, shining with a vibrancy itself.

Humboldt Park has had a long history in Chicago, being a true melting pot of cultures in Chicago- home to Germans, Russians, Puerto Ricans, Polish, and Italians. That still rings true today with its open-minded attitude and flourish of arts within the community!!

Check out some of Humboldt Park’s best spots:


  • Feed
    Find authentic Southern food at this fun restaurant that sports a patio.
  • Osteria Langhe
    Small plates and great cocktails can be found at this Italian bistro.
  • Dante’s Pizza
    One of Chicago’s few places for NY style pizza. It’s okay to fold sometimes.
  • Diana’s
    This Puerto Rican restaurant serves up all the staples, but the picadillo is the best!
  • Lucy’s
    A vintage inspired fried chicken shop- order cheese fries and a milkshake on the side!


  • Humboldt House
    This funky modern homegoods store will have all the wares you need.
  • Ciclo Urbano Bike Shop
    Whether you’re looking for a new bike or just a repair, this is the shop.
  • Vintage Quest
    Pick through troves of treasures at this funky antique shop.
  • Peach Fuzz
    Cute kid’s clothes, toys, and accessories can be found at this small boutique!
  • Richard’s Fabulous Finds
    Get dapper with the fine vintage menswear at this unique shop!


  • Rosa’s Lounge
    This iconic blues lounge is the perfect place to catch some soul.
  • Tommy’ Guitars
    Get a new guitar and all the gear you’d ever need at this “trading post”.
  • The Empty Bottle
    This iconic stage shares a border with Ukrainian Village, and out hearts.
  • Lily’s Record Shop
    Since 1983, Lilys has been an eclectic collection of music and memorabilia.
  • Specimen
    This music store specializes in custom instruments and funky audio gear.

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