Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Before the University of Chicago was built in 1890, Hyde Park was a beachside resort for wealthy Chicagoans- still considered a suburb at the time, the area was far enough away from the noise of the city. As more and more people flocked to these particular shores of Lake Michigan, the development of Hyde Park was inevitable.

As the gothic architecture of the University of Chicago borders the south side of Hyde Park, the residential streets are a collage of architectural greats (Wright’s Robie House, Fridstein’s Shoreland, and Goldberg’s Helstein House), mixed use mid-rises at Harper Court, and large brick three-to-six flat apartment buildings. Along the central business district, there are bookstores, art galleries, small businesses, and restaurants that have stood the test of time.

The Columbian Exposition is the event that made Chicago a world class city- the White City. The technological innovations, cultural accomplishments, and grandiose of the event still lingers in the parks and thoroughfares of Hyde Park. Part living museum and part thriving community, this little island in Chicago is an amazing place to call home.

Here’s a guide for you to learn the neighborhood better!


  • Medici on 57th St
    Quick service, but good service. American fare for all!
  • Ascionte Bistro
    An upscale Italian restaurant known for its Tuscan dishes and craft cocktails.
  • Valois
    A Hyde Park staple, this cafeteria style spot is most famous for their all-day breakfast.
  • Virtue
    Gourmet Southern cooking and inventive beverages make this restaurant a must.
  • Sit Down Cafe
    Even though there is a mix of every cuisine here, it is all very delicious!


  • First Aid Comics
    From DC to Indie comic publishers, this fun store has been around forever!
  • Powell’s Books
    Shelves and shelves of literature, reference and imagination at this bookstore.
  • Silverroom
    This clothing boutique and gift shop hosts art shows and music parties as well!
  • 57th Street Wines
    Find your favorite red or look for something new at this fun wine cellar.
  • Toys Et Cetera
    Sensory, STEM, and more can be found at this packed toy store.


  • Mandel Hall
    Classical, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary. So much happens at this U of C venue.
  • Hyde Park Records
    Get your groove on at this fun and eclectic record store with tons of variety!
  • The Promontory
    The hottest music clubs in the area, there is always something diverse here.
  • Woodlawn Tap
    This long-standing dive bar-esque spot has some of the best local indie bands.
  • Rockefeller Chapel
    Classical concerts are normally held here, but sometimes films too!

Things to Do


  • Court Theatre
    Reinventive classic plays into modern day, the stage is always lit at Court.
  • DuSable Museum
    This black history museum and education center covers the entire diaspora.
  • Smart Museum
    This free art museum showcases art that asks questions from around the globe.
  • Renaissance Society
    Contemporary art is abound at this free University of Chicago museum.
  • ISAC Museum
    10,000 years of archeology & sociology under one roof! Admission by donation!

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