Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square exudes charm. It has a small town aura, even though it is nestled between the bustling north and northwest sides of the city. Small shops line Lincoln Avenue, surrounding a public square flurrying with activity, while one of Chicago’s oldest train lines rumbles above AND on the ground!

Residential streets are filled with the beautiful architecture of classic two-flats and historic single family homes. Neighbors stroll along riverside trails, eat al fresco in cafes, and thoroughly enjoy their community.

Lincoln Square was once home to German celery farmers, but with the construction of the Ravenswood “L”, it became an accessible and almost suburban place to call home. Current days, it is still a wonderful area to live in with a strong community-minded population and so many things to do!

See below for a Lincoln Square shortlist!


  • Jerry’s Sandwiches
    This casual restaurant has craft beers and lovely constructed sandwiches!
  • Gather
    With an open kitchen, this contemporary American spot is chic and tasty.
  • Bistro Campagne
    One of Chicago’s best french restaurants, the patio is absolutely romantic.
  • Elizabeth
    This sustainable restaurant relies on ingredients foraged in the wild.
  • Lincoln Square Taproom
    Scarf down classic “tavern” pizza while checking your craft beers



Things to Do


  • Red Tape Theatre
    Innovative and immersive performance art can be found at this theatre.
  • Theatre Y
    Tackling issues of humanity, this troupe is fighting injustices with performance.
  • National Cambodian Heritage Museum
    A museum honoring the rich history of Cambodia.
  • Dank Haus
    Celebrating German-American heritage, this venue has many fun events.
  • The Cornservatory
    This small, but not forgotten, improv club has been around since 1999.

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