The Ravenswood Land Company owned a good portion of the northside, including Lincoln Square, North Center, and a bit of Albany Park. It developed railway stations for agriculture, textiles, and passengers. As time gave way, industry turned into a thriving artistic neighborhood and a perfect place to call home.

Following the Metra tracks from Irving Park to Foster, the neighborhood has a plethora of repurposed buildings: housing businesses, lofts, and offices. Expanding further west, are well rehabbed homes, apartment buildings, and modern strips of shopping.

Ravenswood is known as one of the busiest centers of Chicago art, with galleries, centers, and organizations all dedicated to the fine arts. The post-industrial architecture of the old warehouses, posed against the Metra and el tracks make for an inspiring backdrop to live, work and play.

Here are some great places in this artsy neighborhood:


  • BienMeSabe
    You must have the arepas at this Venezuelan cafe.
  • Margie’s Candies
    Famous for their terrapins, try a malted or a huge banana split. Its all good!
  • River Valley Market
    This farmer-owned grocery store offers local products fresh from the field.
  • Shanghai Inn
    Since 1960, this delicious Chinese restaurant has provided carry out and dine-in.
  • Spacca Napoli
    There is always a line at this traditional Italian pizzeria- complete with brick oven.



Things to Do

  • Malt Row
    Drink at Begyle, Half Acre, Empirical, Koval, Dovetail, Spiteful and many more.
  • Forteza Fitness
    Learn self defense WITH SWORDS!!!
  • Golf 312
    Digitally learn how to perfect your swing and wow all the people on the green.
  • Magic Inc.
    You can either take lessons or just replace your linking ring set at this unique shop.
  • Ravenswood Used Books
    Filled to the rafters with books, this spot also hosts live readings.


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