Rogers Park

Rogers Park

Rogers Park has over ten of the following: Beaches, Performing Arts Theatres, Nationalities. It is a cornucopia of culture, art, and outdoor fun. Just steps from the bustle of Howard Street, is the impressive Loyola Beach with 40 acres of greenspace or the mile of murals along the el tracks.

The neighborhood finds itself between Northwestern University, Evanston and Loyola University. Older, larger single family homes and apartment buildings on residential streets accompanied with mixed-use complexes on the main thoroughfares create a mixed history of architecture. The area runs along Chicago’s main CTA artery, the Red Line, while also being the transit gateway to the near North suburbs.

In the late 19th century, wealthy business owners populated the Northern shore of Chicago, while farmers tended to greenhouses further inland. Now, the waves still crash, but the little neighborhood has grown with the times. It is the tip of Chicago- a strong community, full of color and excitement.

If you are looking to learn more about what Rogers Park has to offer, here are a few places to start:


  • Sauce and Bread Kitchen
    Freshly baked breads and dips are found at this quaint cafe.
  • The Fish Keg
    For decades this fish market has been providing counter service meals.
  • Honey Bear Cafe
    This vintage cafe has some of the best biscuits and gravy!
  • Taste of Peru
    Anticuchos, Ceviche, Tamales… The best food Peru has to offer.
  • Ghareeb Nawhz
    This Indian and Pakistani restaurant serves halal meat and other tasty treats


  • Armadillo’s Pillow
    Colorful and off-beat store with used books, gifts, jewelry and more.
  • Lakeside Treasures
    This antique store is a fun place to pick for vintage surprises.
  • The Recyclery
    A non-profit that takes old bikes and makes them shine.
  • Fabulous Doll
    This women’s boutique urges you to “go forth and be fabulous!”
  • Picnic
    A wine and cheese shop for everyone- and maybe even yourself!


  • Flatts & Sharpe
    Lessons, gear and more are offered at this woman-owned music shop.
  • Le Piano
    A “listening room” showcasing some of the best pianists in the country.
  • Rogers Park Social
    Board games, live music, bar bites and cocktails equals a good night!
  • Lighthouse Tavern
    This small hodge-podge nautical themed bar hosts local college bands.
  • Cary’s Lounge
    Off Devon, this dive + beer garden is host to trivia, jazz rock, country and more

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