Spanning along the Eisenhower Expressway and Blue Line, the Tri-Taylor/UIC neighborhoods are connected by the Illinois Medical District, where the Rush, UIC, Stroger and Brown Medical Centers are settled. Surrounding the hospitals is a vibrant community full of tradition, fun and culture.

Historic row houses and new buildings flank both sides of the hospitals, with the east side being a bit livelier with the campus of UIC adjacent, while the west side seems a bit more quiet and subdued. However, no matter which side, the whole area is full of fun and activity.

Although the University of Illinois has assumed the responsibility and development of this neighborhood, Chicago history seeps through the streets. Within this neighborhood, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked that famous lantern, the Haymarket Riots changed the work week forever, and Jane Addam’s altruism became the forefront of social work.

Check out some of these Tri-Taylor favorites:


  • Pompei
    This fast casual Italian restaurant has been around since 1909. The potato chip fries.
  • Chez Joel
    An upscale French bistro serving vintage wines and Southern cuisine.
  • Stax Cafe
    Inventive breakfast bites involving french toast and pancakes- yum!
  • Tufano’s
    Since 1930, this classical Italian spot has been serving up all the classics.
  • Jerky Jerk
    Go for their classical jerk chicken or try exploiting their vegetarian options!


  • First Aid Comics
    One of Chicago’s top comics shops- find your new favorite series here.
  • Ralph’s Cigars
    Looking for something decadent for yourself or that boss in your life?
  • Wine on Taylor
    Tastings, fine bottles and a good smattering of craft beer is available here.
  • Ferrara Bakery
    An original Italian establishment of Tri-Taylor- you have to try the marzipan!
  • Fee Club
    Need to get the new Air Jordans? Looking for some street couture? Here is the place.


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